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Swiss Type
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Spindle Hole Dia0.75"
Power5 hp
RPM8,100 RPM
Dimensions92.8" x 42.9" x 66.3"
Weight3600 lbs.

CNC Control: Mitsubishi Meldas 530LHC X1,X2,Z1,Z2,Z3,A2,Y1) Max. Machining Diameter: .787" (20mm) Max. DMchining Length per Chucking: 12.6" Indexing: Main Spindle: Full "C" Axis Sub Spindle: 15 degree Spindle Speeds: Main Spindle Drive: 200 - 8100 rpm Back Spindle: 180 - 7200 rpm Rotary Tool Spindle: Gang Plate: 250 - 5000 rpm Turret: 320 - 6300 rpm Backworking: Max. Chucking Dia: .787" (20mm) Max. Backwork Length: 4.92" (125mm) Max. Drilling/Threading: .315" (M8) Backworking Speed: 150 - 7200 rpm Number of Installable Tools: Gang Tooling: 8 tools Turret Tooling: 10 tools Number of Turret Indexes: 10 sets (20 sets avail.) Tool Sizes: Gang Tooling: 13mm x 13mm x 150mm Turret Tooling: 10mm x 10mm x 60mm Sleeve Size: 19.05mm diameter Motors: Main Spindle Drive: 3-5 HP Rotary Tool Spindle Drive: Gang Plate: 1/2 HP Turret: 1/2 HP Back Spindle Drive: 1-2 HP Dimensions (approx.): 92.8" x 42.9" x 66.3" Weight (approx.): 3600 lbs.

Equipped With

Iemca Mini-Boss 325 Magazine Bar loader S/N 97111017 Main Spindle Full C-axis Sub-spindle 15 Degree Indexing with Lock and Locate function Misc Tooling High pressure coolant

Citizen M(1)20 CNC Swiss Lathe 1997

, United States
Citizen M(1)20 CNC Swiss Lathe 1997
Swiss Type